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We Buy Houses Phoenix AZ That Meet Our Criteria

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When we buy houses Phoenix AZ homeowners wish to get rid of, we check for a few things first. That way, we don’t end up paying for something that is a bad deal and is falling apart. If you’re trying to sell a home and want to know if we would buy it, learn what we look for by reading on.


Plumbing is a big part of a home, so we make sure that everything is working properly. Drains need to be clear and draining well, and there shouldn’t be any large leaks happening. We’ll also see if there are any problems with your toilets, tub, flooring, and the ventilation system if you have one. If anything is amiss and is easy to fix, it won’t be that big of a deal. If the problem is very expensive it could make us lower our buying price or have to say no altogether.


Your heating and air systems need to be in good overall shape. We can’t really sell a home to many people if they know that there will be no way to have the home be a comfortable temperature during certain times of the year. If we end up needing to replace anything we can work with you to take that price from our offer. We can use that money we saved back to help fix the issue to make the home livable.


Do you have a yard that’s in bad shape? Then that may be an issue depending on how severe it is. Trees that are not in good shape can be dangerous to have around and we’ll have to pay to properly get rid of them if they are presenting a problem. If you had a pet that tore up the yard then it’s going to have to be redone and new grass will have to be put in. The more work we have to do to sell a property after buying it, the less we can give you for it.


Damage to the foundation, walls, or any part of the structure of your home is expensive to work on and we may have to pass. Your roof is another area that we’ll check into because they are costly and sometimes people don’t remember to care for or replace them when they need to be worked on. Sometimes it would be cheaper for us not to get a home because it was damaged by weather or flooding that makes it uninhabitable. We have to think of the safety of people that work with us to buy the homes we fix up and sell, so they have to believable and comfortable.


Before we buy houses Phoenix AZ residents wish to sell, we do a few checks. Now you know what we look for so that you can know if your home would interest us. We will make sure you get what your home is worth, and can deal with small issues that are fixable by paying less when buying from you.